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I am totally a fan of the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation.  I think we all are….in fact I think that if it weren’t $40.00 everyone would be wearing it.  It literally covers every single line and pour with a fine High Definition look.

So in that vein, I thought since the foundation was so amazing then surely there must be some other great

products from them.  And I am actually surprised I hadn’t thought to check the rest of their products before

since I am a self proclaimed “Makeup Junkie”.  So here are some amazing new eyeshadows that are actually

gorgeous.  And I will confess that most of my “Junkieness” comes from being a MAC Addict, but these

shadows rival any that MAC has produced lately.  Take a look at these and their swatches and tell me

your thoughts.  Or better yet,go out and try ’em out yourself!

Eyeshadows: #304, 34, 302, 168, 93

Basically I am a huge fan of green eyeshadows, they compliment basically every eye color and are hard to mess up. So is it really any surprise that I have five green/teal shadows to show from MUFE?

#304 is a shimmery, chartreuse like green. It’s very similar to #171, and when I purchased it I was a bit crazed and hasty in jotting down all the colors I wanted.  Maybe if I would have thought about it a little more I might have skipped this one. They’re both incredibly similar. I’d say this one has a touch more green in it than the 171, possibly.  This one also has  a little more shimmer, and it is a smooth, well-pigmented shimmer shadow to as well. If I were comparing it to a MAC shadow I would say it most reminds me of MAC Overgrown.

#34 is a soft, pale green with some yellow undertones. This one is not shimmery although it has a kind of sheen that you can see when you look at it through in the light, though it is definitely not matte. Again to use a MAC reference, I would have to say this one is a kind of MAC Juxt eyeshadow, but with a lot less frostiness.

#302 is a medium teal shimmer shade. On my skin this one is definitely more blue than green although not extremely so, and for some reason this one is not as pigmented as many of the Make Up For Ever eyeshadows that I have used. If you compared this #302 to  #168, this is one is definitely the loser, so I would say to skip this one and go for the #168.

#168 is a gorgeous bright pop of teal with a both some shimmer and some sheen. This one is a very close companion to MAC Shimmermoss eyeshadow, the only difference being this one is a bit brighter a bit more of  predominate green-teal. This one is a definite frost and has great color payoff.  I think this shadow would last you the longest of all the ones I have reviewed as it is not gonna take much at all to get a great teal color on your eyes.  And as an all out lover of teal I would say this one is a MUST HAVE!!

#93 is a matte, green-teal. It has a medium pigment to it and feels smooth to the touch.  This is one of those colors that you need to build up the intensity by layering it color over color, rather than trying to get a bunch on your brush (hoping to pack it on) and have it end up all over your face because it has fallen off the brush. The layering of this shade will allow you to build up the color smoothly and give you maximum color payoff.  The MAC cousin for this shade would have to be MAC Melody.  Unfortunately, MAC Melody was  discontinued many moons ago.  However now you can grab this one and have it if you loved Melody 🙂

Which of these shades would you pick?  Do you agree with my assessments?






MAC Cosmetics Colour Craft Collection: Colour

Every Artist must be daring if she wants to hone her Craft, and post-summer 2009 colour was conceived with that kind of creativity in mind.

A sensibility that surpasses expectations with inventive new Mineralize Eye Shadow pinwheel designs that combine new hues in modern, neo-geo ways; Lipglass gets a lift too, now with three shades swirled to create a one-of-a-kind marble finish delivered in a new, sleek vial. The small but seriously artful 109 and 226 Brushes are musts… add the newest colour sensations in complementary Lipstick, Mineralize Eye Shadow and Mineralize Blush, and any glamorous gallery will go gaga to give you your own one-woman show!

Lipstick ($14.00 U.S./$16.50 CDN)

  • Madly Creative Pink neutral with white pearl
  • Ever Embellish Plum brown with red pearl
  • Made with Love Bright coral pink
  • Colour Crafted Milky pink
  • Trimming Talk Bright fuchsia
  • Most Popular Purple with yellow undertone

Lipglass ($17.50 U.S./$21.00 CDN)

Three shades swirled together to create a one-of-a-kind marble finish.

  • Pretty Pattern Warm dirty beige
  • Crazy Haute Blue pink
  • Nice Mix Up Burnt ginger
  • Funky Fusion Pink coral
  • Eclectic Edge Cool violet
  • Miss Marble Muted pink

Mineralize Eyeshadow ($19.50 U.S./$23.50 CDN)

Four shades create a pinwheel design in one compact

  • Assemblage White with silver pearl / Deep Grey / Black with silver glitter / Warm yellow gold
  • Odd Bits Mid-tone Silver Grey / Dusty Rose with gold pearl / Dark burgundy / Peachy bronze
  • Fashion Patch Ice Blue / Off white / Black with silver glitter / Light white pink
  • Eccentricity Rich gold / Light violet / Deep plum/Rich bronze
  • Natural Flare Copper / Yellow orange / Dirty brown / Rich gold
  • Girlish Romp Dirty violet / Yellow white with gold pearl / Light pastel coral / Mid-tone pink

Mineralize Blush ($21.00 U.S./$25.00 CDN)

  • Hand-finish Light pink with deep gold veining
  • Fad-dabulous Dirty Burnt coral with yellow gold veining
  • Daft Pink Deep blue pink with light white yellow veining
  • Improvise Mid-tone neutral coral with light white yellow gold veining
  • Cheek & Cheerful Mid-tone bronzy brown with yellow gold veining
  • Style Demon Dirty brick red with copp er veining


  • 109 Small Contour For application, blending and contouring of powder products. ($32.00 U.S./$38.50 CDN)
  • 226 Tapered Blending Small tapered blending brush for application and blending of shadow. ($24.50 U.S./$29.00 CDN)

Available: North America July 9, 2009 at all M·A·C locations, 1.800.588.0070 and, International July 2009 at all M·A·C locations, 1.800.588.0070 and

See official product photos

MAC Cosmetics Colour Craft Collection: Face

An Artist’s signature is the finishing touch, the decisive moment when colour, composition, and creativity come together in equal measure.

Colour Craft is all about making it your own…perfection as The Muse intended. This unprecedented assortment of Mineralize Skinfinish shades work it out beautifully, with three new mosaic combinations: Triple Fusion, Smooth Merge, Warm Blend; or simply singular one-shade Sunny By Nature, just Porcelain Pink, or rich Cheeky Bronze. 131 Duo Fibre Brush with built-in short natural fibres AND longer optic fibres all-in-one comes together as the ultimate Artist’s tool for sleek shading and haute highlighting.

Mineralize Skinfinish ($27.00 U.S./$32.50 CDN)

  • Sunny By Nature Rich Bronze with pink pearl
  • Cheeky Bronze Soft Golden Coral with bronze pearl
  • Porcelain Pink Soft pinky coral with gold veining
  • Triple Fusion Left : Soft Champagne Gold; Center: Soft Golden Pink; Right: Rose Pink with Golden Nuances
  • Smooth Merge Left: Soft Champagne Pink; Center: Deep Rose; Right: Pale Cool Pink
  • Warm Blend Left: Antique Gold; Center: Mahogany Bronze; Right: Copper


  • 131 Duo Fibre Powder/Blush Flat, tapered brush that contains a combination of short and long fibres. Ideally suited for Mineralize Skinfinish Powders ($40.00 U.S./$48.00 CDN)

Available: North America July 9, 2009 at all M·A·C locations, 1.800.588.0070 and, International July 2009 at all M·A·C locations, 1.800.588.0070 and

See official photos

I’ve managed to snag some pics of swatches of the much-anticipated Dazzleglass Cremes.

The Dazzleglass Cremes are a limited edition product and will retail for $18.00USD. The launch on 24 Sep 09 is gonna be CRAZY.  Everyone and their mama LOVES Dazzleglass.  But these are they are thick like the Dazzleglasses, but have the texture of the Cremesheen Glasses.

Now who can pass that up?  MAC, why must you do it to me???

Soft Dazzle – Mid-tone peach pink with gold pearl
Sublime Shine – Light coral brown with gold pearl
My Favourite Pink – Light blue pink with pearl
Perfectly Unordinary – Bright yellow pink with gold pearl
Luscious Spark – Light orange with gold pearl
Do It Up – Bright blue pink with pearl
Totally Fab – Bright yellow red with pearl
Amorous – Deep brown red with pearl
Creme Allure – Bright yellow plum

So YALL – which color is calling your name?

**specktra for pic**

When applying makeup, not only is it important to do a look that’s flattering, you should also follow the styles and trends of the season.

In this post, I’m going to let you in on all of the secrets to following the latest makeup trends.

Satin-textured skin is big right now. It will continue to be a major influence in the fall/winter season, sometimes including even bolder touches of shine to highlight parts of the face.

Another trend we’ve been seeing this season is contrasting warm and cool tones. The eye has also been fairly defined with intensely pigmented shadows.

Tricks for achieving impeccable makeup:

When applying shimmery products, whether powders or creams, it’s important to carefully control where the product falls so it doesn’t end up in areas such as under the eyes or areas with imperfections, which will be more obvious when shiny.

Remember that not all skin types are suited to a satin texture. If imperfections are present, choose a foundation with more coverage and a matte finish, which will be much more flattering.

Make the eyes pop by playing with the contrast and balance of warm and cool colors that help each other stand out. But be very careful when blending these colors. Remember that not all colors look good when blended together, which is why you should use a color in between the two of them that can be blended with both. Another trick you can use is to apply them right next to each other without blending.

A trendy makeup look, step-by-step:

Apply moisturizer over clean skin for a smooth, uniform base.

Apply concealer to undereye area and to any other imperfections that may be seen. Blend well to integrate with the skin.

Use a liquid foundation in the same shade as the skin tone. To achieve a natural effect, apply with a synthetic bristle brush. If needed, use a makeup sponge to help blend the foundation.

Once you’ve applied the foundation, mattify the entire face with the mineral powder using a large brush. That way the skin will be matte, but still maintain its natural shine.

On the eyes, start by applying the base shadow, which in this case can also be used as a highlighter. Apply to the arch of the eyebrow to illuminate the lid and on other high points on the face.

Apply the medium shadow on the lid, or if you choose, you can do a combination of two shadows.

Now intensify the look with pencil in the same color as the shadow, but a deeper shade. If you prefer, you can also use black pencil, shadow, or eyeliner to line the eyes. Remember to focus on the roots of the eyelashes, both inside and outside the eye.

Since MAC’s new June 09 line is Naked Honey I thought I would revisit this line.  First up I am gonna show you all that comes with the collection.  Then I will get on with the posts about what I personally think about it.

Naked Honey Collection
11 Jun 2009 [US/Canada]
Jul 2009 [international]

Following the example of their fabled Queen, Cleopatra, Egyptians bathed in honey and milk. Queen Anne of England used it to silken her hair; from the Ancient Greeks to the Roman Empire, honey has never lost its regal, ever-amber lustre.

We love the luxury of its sensual essence…but we also know that it’s a highly efficient and wholesome humectant and healer.

Introducing our limited edition Naked Honey collection – three aspects of golden warmth and sun-made sweetness for the body, layered with two decidedly different honeycomb-derived fragrances – celebrating the secret lives of Queen Bees. Complementary shades of High-Light Powder, Eye Shadow and Lipglass are all the buzz for summer.

Lipglass (LE) – $14.00USD/$16.50CDN

  • She’s a Star – Light neutral gold (Repromote from Dress Camp)
  • Queen Bee – Mid-tone apricot with multi-dimensional pearl
  • Buzz – Dark copper brown with multi-dimensional pearl

Eyeshadow (LE) – $14.50USD/$17.00CDN

  • Crème de Miel – Frosty light yellow gold
  • Pollinator – Mid-tone warm reddened peach with pearl
  • Buckwheat – Dark copper brown with multi-dimensional pearl

High-Light Powder (LE) $24.50USD/$29.50CDN
A high-light powder specially created for the Naked Honey Collection. Features an embossed honeycomb pattern. Super fine, impeccably pearlized, it creates soft highlights. On cheeks, brows, shoulders–anywhere on the body.

  • Honey Light – A light peachy gold with shimmer
  • Golden Nectar – Muted golden tan with gold shimmer

Naked Honey Salve (LE) $18.50USD/$22.50CDN
Formulated from honey , organic beeswax, sunflower oil and other natural ingredients, this rich honey–scented and flavoured salve instantly moisturizes and helps recondition dry skin. Multi-purpose . Use everywhere.

Naked Honey Hand and Body Cream (LE) -$22.50USD/$27.00CDN
A sensuous cream made from bio-converted honey, shea butter, and vitamins C and E derivatives. Absorbs quickly for skin-softening moisture. Conditions, nourishes, protects. Use on all areas where ultra-moisture is called for.

Naked Honey Body Wash (LE) – $19.50USD/$23.50CDN
Formulated from bio-converted honey, this body wash cleanses the skin while providing the soothing and moisturizing benefits of lavender, narcissus, jasmine flower and blue agave extracts. Provides a sensual, calming, cleansing experience.

Creations Fragrance: Naked Honey (LE) -$22.50USD/$28.5CDN
An aromatic journey that traces honey’s fragrant heart back to summer’s sweetest blooms. Energy starts to buzz, spirits soar, light floral and woodsy notes float toward an electric finale. Sweet and sexy all the way.

Creations Fragrance: Africanimal (LE) – $22.50USD/$28.50CDN
A scent that starts with a honey-ness that’s seductive and given its dash of pepper, not without spice. Add a dark kiss of bergamot and wood, and an aromatic orgy breaks out to create a scent that’s all-honey, but far from sweet.

I know I know, I haven’t posted in well…forever.  But after last weekend I decided I needed to put this up.  It’s just too easy and too sexy.

Last Friday I went out to eat with my man, just like I do almost every Friday. Our plan was to check out a new restaurant that’s fairly modern and casual.

And just like I do every time I go to a casual restaurant, I put on a look that always works for me: jeans, a sexy top, bangles, and heels. For makeup, of course I decided on my “belle of the ball” look: a classic smoky eye in black. But once I had my makeup on and was ready to leave, I decided to give things a twist. In today’s post, I’ll tell you how you can do it too…

But how many different ways are there to do a smoky eye? Lots! If you’re one of my Personal Makeup Super-course students, you already know that eye makeup technique doesn’t only vary widely, it can literally even change the appearance of your face. Here are the steps to adding a different twist to your smoky eye…

Once your face is totally made up (foundation, concealer, and powder), we’ll move on to eye makeup. For me, the easiest way to do a smoky eye is to follow these steps:

–  Use a black pencil that’s smooth and creamy. I like the one from MAC, because it’s very easy to blend.

–  Make a thick line at the upper and lower lash roots. (It doesn’t matter if it’s straight, because we’re going to blend this with a brush later on.)

–  Go back over the pencil to darken it and blend. The line doesn’t need to be too thick, especially on the lower lid.

–  Once you’ve blended, define the crease by blending in this area. It’s best if you blend just right in the crease, not too far above it, or you will make your eyes will look smaller.

–  Now apply a matte black shadow to the lid with a medium-sized brush to make the black even darker.

–  Once you’ve finished, apply an illuminating concealer just under the brow in place of shadow. ( Touche Éclat by YSL is perfect for this.) If you’ve smudged the undereye area, you can clean this area and then apply the concealer there too. Blend with a clean, thick brush. You’ll see how the area will be illuminated with a freshness that only a cream texture can provide.


–  Next, apply two coats of mascara.(My fav is Christian Dior’s Diorshow in blackest black)

–  Now it’s time to make up the inside rim of your eyes with the black pencil. Try to make up the inner rim of the upper lid as well. Yes, I know it’s hard… Another option is to line the lower part thoroughly and then bat your eyelashes so it rubs off on the upper lid.

–  I prefer to apply pencil after my mascara.

–  To finish up and add that unique touch like I did last Friday, use a medium brush to apply a bright-colored shadow over the black. I chose a navy blue from Bobbi Brown that gave me just a touch of color without changing the smoky effect. Apply the shadow right at the lash roots and lightly over the lid. You can use fuchsia, turquoise, or even gold or silver. You’ll see – it will transform your smoky eye in just a minute.

–  Since this eye makeup look is fairly eye-catching, apply only a matte bronzing powder to your cheeks to add a little contour without adding much color, and use a clear gloss on your lips.

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