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I am totally a fan of the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation.  I think we all are….in fact I think that if it weren’t $40.00 everyone would be wearing it.  It literally covers every single line and pour with a fine High Definition look.

So in that vein, I thought since the foundation was so amazing then surely there must be some other great

products from them.  And I am actually surprised I hadn’t thought to check the rest of their products before

since I am a self proclaimed “Makeup Junkie”.  So here are some amazing new eyeshadows that are actually

gorgeous.  And I will confess that most of my “Junkieness” comes from being a MAC Addict, but these

shadows rival any that MAC has produced lately.  Take a look at these and their swatches and tell me

your thoughts.  Or better yet,go out and try ’em out yourself!

Eyeshadows: #304, 34, 302, 168, 93

Basically I am a huge fan of green eyeshadows, they compliment basically every eye color and are hard to mess up. So is it really any surprise that I have five green/teal shadows to show from MUFE?

#304 is a shimmery, chartreuse like green. It’s very similar to #171, and when I purchased it I was a bit crazed and hasty in jotting down all the colors I wanted.  Maybe if I would have thought about it a little more I might have skipped this one. They’re both incredibly similar. I’d say this one has a touch more green in it than the 171, possibly.  This one also has  a little more shimmer, and it is a smooth, well-pigmented shimmer shadow to as well. If I were comparing it to a MAC shadow I would say it most reminds me of MAC Overgrown.

#34 is a soft, pale green with some yellow undertones. This one is not shimmery although it has a kind of sheen that you can see when you look at it through in the light, though it is definitely not matte. Again to use a MAC reference, I would have to say this one is a kind of MAC Juxt eyeshadow, but with a lot less frostiness.

#302 is a medium teal shimmer shade. On my skin this one is definitely more blue than green although not extremely so, and for some reason this one is not as pigmented as many of the Make Up For Ever eyeshadows that I have used. If you compared this #302 to  #168, this is one is definitely the loser, so I would say to skip this one and go for the #168.

#168 is a gorgeous bright pop of teal with a both some shimmer and some sheen. This one is a very close companion to MAC Shimmermoss eyeshadow, the only difference being this one is a bit brighter a bit more of  predominate green-teal. This one is a definite frost and has great color payoff.  I think this shadow would last you the longest of all the ones I have reviewed as it is not gonna take much at all to get a great teal color on your eyes.  And as an all out lover of teal I would say this one is a MUST HAVE!!

#93 is a matte, green-teal. It has a medium pigment to it and feels smooth to the touch.  This is one of those colors that you need to build up the intensity by layering it color over color, rather than trying to get a bunch on your brush (hoping to pack it on) and have it end up all over your face because it has fallen off the brush. The layering of this shade will allow you to build up the color smoothly and give you maximum color payoff.  The MAC cousin for this shade would have to be MAC Melody.  Unfortunately, MAC Melody was  discontinued many moons ago.  However now you can grab this one and have it if you loved Melody 🙂

Which of these shades would you pick?  Do you agree with my assessments?






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