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freida-pinto-1Freida Pinto is everywhere you look! She was in the front-row at Dolce & Gabbana and is being wholeheartedly embraced by the fashion world, the movie industry, and now they say even the ever so picky Woody Allen. But the Beauty community is wanting their piece of her as well; the Slumdog Millionaire star is rumored to be in talks with Estée Lauder to become a spokesperson for the brand. Details have yet to be confirmed, but her contract would no doubt be pretty large.

Here’s the question, do you think Frieda is a well-suited choice for Estée Lauder or would you like to see her endorsing another make-up brand? Leave me your answer in the comments. Personally, I think of Estee Lauder as an older person’s makeup… I would love to see her with Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, MAC, even NARS or Bobbie Brown maybe??  Ooooh think of her as the new face of Louis Vuitton – now that would be amazing.

Now of course I am a high end makeup junkie…but don’t think I dont love a good deal! Especially in these times of economic turmoil. Here we asked celebrity makeup artists Molly Stern and Fiona Stiles to share their favorite lipstick look-a-likes — and they delivered exact shade and texture matches (no one will be able to tell the difference). Now you can get the look of a Chanel lipstick and still afford a night out.



Luxe: Chanel Rouge Hydrabase in Fire, $28.50 

Less: Styli-Style Hipstick in Happy, $8.49 

“A fun, slightly iridescent red that can pass for the Chanel version. It even has the little bit of gold fleck in it. The one by Styli-Style is less emollient, but you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck,” says Stiles.




Luxe: Givenchy Rouge Interdit in Only Beige, $26.50 

Less: Napoleon Perdis NP Set Lipstick in Washington, $15 

“I am always on the quest for the perfect beige lipstick,” says Stiles. “This one by Napoleon Perdis is a great color and a perfect texture. The glossiness and warmth of the color prevents you from looking too washed out, which matte beiges can do.”



Luxe: Benefit Benetint Lip Balm, $20 

Less: Flirt! Tint-a-Licious Lip Sheer in Lover, $10 

“Benetint is such a great color and I love that it’s sheer and just a little glossy,” says Stiles. “This sheer bright pink from Flirt! is a really close match to the Benefit. Sheer brights are so modern and a great way to wear color.”




Luxe: Giorgio Armani Sheer Lipstick in Plum, $25 

Less: CoverGirl TruShine Lip Color in Plum Shine, $5.66 

“I love Armani lip colors. All consistencies. I find their sheer and cream [formulas] are very similar to the formula of CoverGirl’s TruShine Lip color,” says Stern.



Deep Red:

Luxe: Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, $14 

Less: Neutrogena MoistureShine Soothing Lip Sheers in Ruby Bliss, $8.99 

“Black Honey by Clinique has been on the best seller list years,” says Stiles. “Ruby Bliss by Neutrogena is a great, affordable version. The sheer color makes you look polished, but doesn’t feel too lipstick-y.”




Luxe: Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Pur in Pure Coral, $29 

Less: CoverGirl Amazemint Lip Gloss in Freedom of Peach, $5.79 

“I am a huge fan of YSL’s Gloss Pur, however [also like] the similar finish of CoverGirl’s Amazemint Lip Gloss,” Stern says.



Pale Pink:

Luxe: Cle de Peau Lip Gloss in No. 11, $47 

Less: L’Oreal Paris Bare Naturale Gentle Lip Conditioner in Soft Bloom, $8.96 

“This is such a sophisticated color for a drugstore lip gloss. It has a little iridescence but isn’t super sparkly,” Stiles says. “It’s a beautiful sheer color that doesn’t taste like candy! A huge bonus.”




Luxe: Lipstick Queen Sinner Pink, $18 

Less: CoverGirl Incredifull Lipcolor in Warm & Rosy, $6.99 

Stiles found these two to be near-perfect matches. T









Luxe: Nars Lipstick in Kiss, $24 

Less: Boots No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in Velvet Kiss, $9.99 

Both lipsticks have a burnt copper shade and the Boots No7 has the advantage of being long-lasting. member 51lincoln says, “I am typically not a fan of long wear but when I need something that lasts 4+ hours I wear this.”


Sparkly Pink:

Luxe: Lancome Juicy Tubes Sparkling Night in Sky Diamond, $18 

Less: Mark Juice Gems in Juicy Cherry Pop, $6 

The packaging of these two glosses is practically identical, so it makes sense that the texture and color are similar too. The difference? The Mark gloss looks red in the tube but goes on like a deeper, sheer pink. The Lancome gloss goes on sheer as well, but the shade is true to the way it looks in the tube.



                                                              FEBRUARY 2009

               Love is in the (h)Air
Advice on V-Day: the Pretty and the Sexy

redheadheartThe pursuit of beauty never dies. It’s a pastime common and alive in us all, regardless of surrounding social, political or economic climates. When beloved holidays come around, we have an even better excuse to revel in a sea of new products – especially when that holiday is all about gifts for girls. All you men reading out there – warning: the following infor will be all about how to pamper your favorite female and one of her most beloved assets; her hair. If you are not prepared to shower her in gifts…well…good luck to you. And for those of us ladies who will not be getting bathed in chocolates and flowers and bath soaps by a beau, not to worry. There’s no harm in treating yourself to some of these fun and useful red and Valentine’s Day-friendly supplies. After all, the best addition to a girl’s night in is a few girl-friendly baubles to share with the crew.

kithaircoloring_cmykRefresh Your Redhead-ed-ness – Naturally
Redheads have an advantage on Valentine’s Day: they’re already dressed for the occasion. But there’s no harm in amping up the vibrancy of your rosy locks. Advanced Cosmetic Technologies, available through, introduced a new line of hair color that’s allowing you to do just that, guilt free. The company claims to have the industry’s first and only paraphenylene diamine (PPD)-free, 100 percent plant-based permanent hair color. The color products are vegan, plant-based, cruelty and PPD-free. With the use of trademarked technology and super-pure plant dyes, this company has surpassed “green,” it’s herbivorous.

pomegranate-blackberryHealth Conscious Fruit Hair-apy for a Budget-Friendly V-Day
If you or your lady friend are into lifting weights – or just generally fitness conscious – this new line of shampoo and conditioner might raise your brow. The new Vitamin Renewing Pomegranate Blackberry shampoo and conditioner – accessible and inexpensive at major drug stores – come in a bright red bottle that looks sort of like a dumbbell, but not nearly as heavy. Open the lid to get a whiff of this fruity concoction, which happens to be chock full of antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients, minerals, proteins and essential oils. Fruits infused into this product include pomegranate, blackberry and guava. It’s also full of yogurt proteins. Recharge your locks with this delicious treat.

daily_trio1For Your Man; He Needs Some Love Too
Somehow it always seems more difficult to buy an appropriate gift for your man on Feb. 14th. For girls it’s easy – just show us a box of Godiva and a dozen roses and we’ll melt in your arms. But men…well, it’s tricky to buy something that’s not too girly on this all-too girly holiday. American Crew is helping us out with their special edition Romance Gift Set (available at several major salons; see for salon locations) is adequately Valentine’s Day-decadent, but also very functional; the perfect man’s gift. It comes complete with shampoo, gel and shaving cream – and for that special day, it packs in a limited-edition massage oil.

image001Adventure Lovers, Get Ready for LOVE and FUN
This is a new one for us. We’ve seen some crazy things in our day, but we didn’t think we’d live to see the day when the famous Sex and the City episode where Samantha dies her “hair down there,” became a reality. Betty Beauty has taken that very idea and made it into a product that may be controversial, but sure is fun. Their hair dye is specifically formulated for the hair that’s…well…not on your head. And in its special bright pink hue called FUN it makes for a hilarious (or perhaps sexually enticing, depending on your personality) Valentine’s treat. Or you can go for a more subdued but no less exciting change with the LOVE set – a red shade. Both come with special heart-shaped stencils to make the experience even more “stimulating.” All sets are available at

fh_hsGo Big or Go Home
If you’re going out the night of the 14th – be it with a lover or solo style – you might as well make your look big. Either for yourself, your man or the guy at the bar, a stand-out look is never a bad thing. So after you’ve got your style picked out, set it in place with Fat Hair Hairspray by SAMY, available at major retailers like Target. This spray holds like no other. Curl it, straighten it, pin it – whatever you like – it’s sure to stay all night with this great product.


Now I have been asked a few times to do actual tips and advice on a specific type of makeup.  Like, my insider advice.  Please forgive as this is my first try and I will add more later on as I think of more 🙂


For my very first post on actual tips for makeup application I thought I would jump right in and tackle the product everyone asks about…..Foundation! 


We have all sat and wondered, “Which foundation is right for me?” Whether we are standing at a department store counter, in the drug store aisles or online searching beauty websites, foundations are a mystery and can be costly if you purchase the product and then discover it was not right for you! I am always asked the question, “Which foundations do I use personally or carry in my professional kit?” So, here are the answers and reviews.


CREME FOUNDATION: Tricia Sawyer Beauty makes the best creme foundation I have used – the formula blends smoothly and won’t settle into any fine lines or wrinkles. Invented by celebrity makeup artist, Tricia Sawyer, this foundation consists of two colors (a warm and cool tone) which can be blended together to achieve your exact skin tone match. It also has buildable coverage, which means you can use as much or as little as you need to achieve your desired look. Basically after you put on the first layer if you need more you just spackle it on there and it builds coverage without looking grey and yucky.  I do like Tricia Sawyer Beauty’s Foundation Brush as will insure a great application however, if you tend to have very oily skin using a cosmetic sponge to apply this product may work better. Also, of course MAC makes great brushes and their Stipple brush is amazing for foundation.  I dont know why people just started using this brush for foundation….it’s so GENUIS!!  It’s called the 187 DUO Fibre Brush.  I highly recommend it. I use this product both personally and professionally. This foundation can be purchased in a number of places including:, online at or from QVC.



LIQUID FOUNDATION: Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation
What it is:
An oil-free medium-to-full-coverage liquid foundation that covers skin imperfections flawlessly while remaining invisible on-screen and in real life.
What it does:
Creates a soft-focus effect, designed to meet the coverage concerns of those in the spotlight. It creates a complexion that looks flawless, even in bright or harsh lighting.  Let me just preface this by saying:  THIS STUFF ROCKS!!  I am totally gonna do a seperate blog just on this product – hopefully with videos or photos but until then, just trust me.

Founder Dany Sanz is a total perfectionist and only creates products that work. I keep this product handy for use on all of my clients who prefer a liquid foundation over a creme. And this is not only liquid its HD, High Definition!  It’s made for actors and people who are on HDTV.  You can purchase Makeup Forever at any local Sephora.

p217905_heroI also like L’Oreal’s True Match Foundation. This is for you if you are more on a drugstore budget and don’t want to be stuck with drugstore quality. It comes in a rainbow of colors with warm, neutral, cool & depth undertones depending on your skin color. It glides smoothly on with a sheer coverage. Doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry or oily. This product is carried at all the major drug stores such as CVS, Longs, Rite Aid and Walgreens and also available at Target, Walmart and some grocery stores.


POWDER FOUNDATION: MAC Cosmetics makes one of the best powder foundations available to consumers. It is called MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation. I keep the entire powder foundation line in my kit because I found that it performs well for film and television with incredible coverage and because men prefer this type of foundation over a heavy creme or liquid application. I also use it for contouring and for blush because of it’s amazing pigmentation. Sold at MAC online, Sephora and other high-end retailers.


I also love Nars Powder Foundation and use it on most of my friends and clients. Provides great coverage and comes in a variety of shades. This is also one that performs amazing on TV.  Sold at Nars Online, Sephora, and other high end stores.

TINTED MOISTURIZERS: I love Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer (Oil Free)! It is a wonderful oil free, lightweight, buildable foundation that works with all skin types, especially those with sensitive, oily or acne prone skin. It controls dryness, prevents excessive oil buildup and provides sun protection with a built-in SPF 20. Great for teens! I use this product personally and professionally. Sold at Sephora and Nordstrom.



MINERAL FOUNDATION: There are several products available to you if you prefer a more natural approach to your foundation. Bare Escentuals is the most popular of all the mineral brands and it does a great job in providing the skin with pure ingredients, free of preservatives, talc, oil, fragrance and other skin irritants. It also has a built-in SPF-15 and is a very fine, loose powder. I have used Bare Escentuals personally and enjoyed the feeling and somewhat liked the coverage, but really I didn’t think it lived up to what they show on tv.  Some people swear by it, but in my personal opinion it doesn’t give me the coverage I want.  Also, on a professional basis I can not use mineral product because of coverage needs when shooting film, television or print, as well as I have found that mineral makeup tends to have a reflective nature when used with flash photography.


ETHNIC FOUNDATION: If you are a person who has darker skin and have a hard time finding a foundation that matches your skin tone, here are a few cosmetic companies that might have a product to meet your needs: 


MAC Cosmetics – has many foundations in creme, powder and liquid form that should have a match for you.


Black Radiance is a drug store brand catering to African American women. This foundation comes in a creme foundation form (in a stick-type formula). It is lightweight and has an SPF 15. You can purchase Black Radiance at CVS, Walgreens and other retailers.


Thevi Cosmetics is an online retailer representing consumers of the Asian, South Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, African and Mediterranean descent. They make an incredible liquid powder foundation with an SPF 15. This product is enriched with Vitamins E and C for anti-oxidant protection and Vitamin A for skin conditioning. You can purchase this product at


I carry the MAC Cosmetic brand in my professional kit and use it on all types of ethnicity’s. I have found that in my line of work when I need a heavier type of coverage that this cosmetic line works the best however, I do know several women who swear by MAC for everyday use.  (Including me)

A few more foundation lines that I enjoy and use professionally:


Dior, Cle de peau, Era Cosmetics, Prescriptives, Chanel, Visiora, Lorac (these are all in my professional kit).

As with all foundation, concealer or powder, make sure your skin is properly prepped with a good skin care regime and primer (Smashbox seems to be everyone’s fav but it actually breaks my skin out…maybe bc of all the silicone in it) prior to applying coverage cosmetics.


TIP OF THE DAY: Creams on top of creams – powder on top of powder! In other words – if you are using a creme or liquid foundation make sure to set it with a translucent powder prior to applying any type of powder blush or shadow! If you are using a creme blush – use right after foundation or concealer and then powder to set!


Please yall remember that this blog is based on my professional and personal opinion and all product reviews are based on product performance I have either gotten from using the product personally or on my clients professionally. I hope I was able to help yall with some advice and help regarding foundation products and please let me know if you have tried another type of product I have not listed here. I am always on the look out for the next “best” foundation!.





Stafford Braganza Interviews with Vogue India


stafford_braganza1Ok to keep on track with the World’s love with everything India (and mine too).  Here is some fashion information from the other side of the world.  Lancome is known for hiring the best of the best Indian models and makeup artists.  Below is the interview Vogue India got with many makeup tips and techniques we can all use:

Stafford Braganza, creative director for Lancôme make-up, explains how to be the belle of the ball via Lancôme.

*To carry a regal look into the evening, apply Lancôme Kohl Pencil inBlue de Jim to the upper and lower lash lines and smudge them for a softer effect.

*Smudge a Lancôme Kohl Pencil in Black Ebony in the outer corners of the eyes to create depth. Using glitter or Lancôme Color Design Eye Shadow in Style Section, accent the inner corners of the eyes with a ‘V’ shape.

*Glitter should always be used as an accent. Never use glitter during the day. In the evening, apply glitter or a sparkly eye shadow to the corners of the eyes, or use the shadow, wet if possible, as a liner on the upper or lower eyelids. Never apply glitter to the complete eye or eyelid.

*Finish the look with a thick coat of Lancôme Ôscillation Mascara inBlack.

*Always apply lip liner along the natural lip line, unless you have thin lips, in which case you should apply it to the outer rims. Use Lancôme Contour Pro in Caramel or Cherie. Then apply lipstick using a lip brush and darken the outer corners with the liner to give the impression of a sexy pout. Lancôme Color Fever Lipstick in Pink In The Limo works for an evening look. Accent it with a dash of gloss like Lancôme Color Fever Lip Gloss in Hotness or Seductive on the center of the mouth.

*Lancôme Color Design Blush in Signature Look works well for most skin tones. This blush is in a cream form and is best applied with your fingers. Look in the mirror, smile and apply a small amount to the apples of your cheeks. Blend in a circular motion, fading the blush up to the temples and hairline.

*For a more intense and dramatic look, apply Lancôme Blush Subtil Shimmer in Shimmer Pink Pool over the Lancôme Color Design Blush in Signature Look. Don’t forget to blend well.

Stafford’s tip: Use a concealer to clean excess eyeshadow or glitter from the eye.

As yall all know, I usually do an intro for a new line coming out before I post all the Pics and Info I have available.  AND as I told you before, ALL THINGS INDIA are HOT right now.  That’s why I am showing the Lancome Maharani Line although I KNOW it’s already out.  I am just trying to show all the Indian styles that are being integrated into our classic American beauty lines. 

So here is Lancome’s new Beauty of India Line:


Lancome's Beauty of India

Lancome's Beauty of India

Lancome's Beauty of India

Lancome's Beauty of India

Lancome's Beauty of India

Lancome's Beauty of India


Lancome's Beauty of India

Lancome's Beauty of India

I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but come on – that elephant bronzer is looking like it’s gonna be off the chain!  Let me know what you guys think!

The rest of the info of the line will be coming out soon.


MAC Cosmetics Duos for 2009

MAC Cosmetics Duos for 2009

Soft-shimmer super-shine pearl in a pretty tricolour veining to enhance and glorify cheekbones, followed with the pop and dimension of solid colour shimmer without an overly frosted look. The 188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush makes the transition magnificent. A sophisticated but simple new way to get you vital minerals.

MAC Cosmetics Grand Duos

MAC Cosmetics Grand Duos

Grand Duos

  • Moon River Blue pink mélange / Pale yellow pink
  • Love Rock Gold violet mélange / Bright blue pink
  • Grand Duo Copper pink mélange / Plum
  • Light Over Dark Orange yellow mélange / Deep brown
  • Earth to Earth Purple bronze mélange / Yellow brown
  • Hot Planet Copper yellow mélange / Mid-tone plum
  • Intenso Orange yellow mélange / Deep brown
  • MAC Grand Duo Intenso

    MAC Grand Duo Intenso

    MAC Grand Duos Love Rock

    MAC Grand Duos Love Rock

    MAC Grand Duos Earth to Earth

    MAC Grand Duos Earth to Earth

    MAC Grand Duos Hot Planet

    MAC Grand Duos Hot Planet

    MAC Grand Duo

    MAC Grand Duo

    MAC Grand Duos Light over Dark

    MAC Grand Duos Light over Dark

    MAC Moon River

    MAC Moon River

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