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MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection – Promo / Product Photos

Here are promo photos and product photos for MAC’s fall collection launcing August 20th, 2009. You can read collection details here.

Lipglass: Young Thing, New Spirit, On Display, Personal Taste

Lipstick: Front Lit, Full Body, High Strung, Hold the Pose, Lovin’ It

Notoriety Eyeshadow Quad

In the Gallery Eyeshadow Quad

Photo Realism Eyeshadow Quad

Crest the Wave Eyeshadow

Maira’s Magic Eyeshadow

Violet Trance Eyeshadow

Purple Shower Eyeshadow

Off the Page Eyeshadow

Haunting Eyeshadow

The Perfect Cheek Blush

Notable Blush

Artistic License, Graphblack, Full of Fuchsia, Obviously Orange, Colour Matters

Push the Edge Pigment

Heritage Rouge Pigment

Cocomotion Pigment

Brash & Bold Pigment

Reflects Rust Glitter

Gold Sparkling Glitter

Reflects Copper Glitter

Fuchsia Glitter

Gloss Texture

So just for yall I have procured the first look at the upcoming Makeup Art Cosmetics collection.  Here are multiple swatches for your viewing pleasure.  Please leave comments as to what you HAVE to get.  I am really loving quite a few things in this line.  I always like to get the quads as long as they dont have more than one thing I already have.  Not only do they have amazing shadows that are mostly LE, they are quite a bargain!  Oh and the Photorealism quad is caaaaallling my name



In the Gallery Quad:

Photorealism Quad:

Notoriety Quad:

Single Shadows:


Powder Blushes:

[[thanks to erine at specktra]]

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