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Using Makeup Brushed Wisely…

Posted on: July 31, 2009

Today you will learn all about brushes for lipstick application as well as eye shadow application. Make sure you don’t miss out on next weeks newsletter, part four of the series as I will tell you about different types of tools such as e yelash curlers, tweezers and eyebrow combs…

For eye shadows …

You’re thinking… brace yourself… But no! It is much easier than it seems. You only need three brushes. One for application, another for blending and a beveled one for finer lines.

The first is used to load the eyelid with the product. Always use small movements and use the flat side of the brush.

The second is used for blending the edge of the eye shadow, which means, not “erasing” everything, just the edge!

And the third, the beveled one, which is cut at an angle, will be used to create any type of line effect or for blending.

Professional Secret:
Always choose eye shadow brushes that are not very stiff or too flat. I’ve been using the same brush made by Mac for 9 years. The number 239 is the easiest to use. I always recommend it to my students.

For the lips …

Although it appears that it’s not, using a brush to apply lipstick is very important in order to make it last longer.

How many times have they asked me… “What can I do to make my lip sticks last longer?” A million!

The answer is as easy as this, use a brush to mix the lip stick with the lip liner. Before that, of course, moisturize the lips very well.
The best are the synthetic-hair brushes that aren’t too thin, in order to be able to mix the textures well and not leave brushmarks.

Professional Secret:
When cleaning, always try to press it so that it does not lose its shape or widen. Many times the hair splits. If this happens, cut the hairs that have come out of place with hair scissors, in order to maintain its shape as long as possible.

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