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A New Twist On A Smokey Eye

Posted on: June 13, 2009

I know I know, I haven’t posted in well…forever.  But after last weekend I decided I needed to put this up.  It’s just too easy and too sexy.

Last Friday I went out to eat with my man, just like I do almost every Friday. Our plan was to check out a new restaurant that’s fairly modern and casual.

And just like I do every time I go to a casual restaurant, I put on a look that always works for me: jeans, a sexy top, bangles, and heels. For makeup, of course I decided on my “belle of the ball” look: a classic smoky eye in black. But once I had my makeup on and was ready to leave, I decided to give things a twist. In today’s post, I’ll tell you how you can do it too…

But how many different ways are there to do a smoky eye? Lots! If you’re one of my Personal Makeup Super-course students, you already know that eye makeup technique doesn’t only vary widely, it can literally even change the appearance of your face. Here are the steps to adding a different twist to your smoky eye…

Once your face is totally made up (foundation, concealer, and powder), we’ll move on to eye makeup. For me, the easiest way to do a smoky eye is to follow these steps:

–  Use a black pencil that’s smooth and creamy. I like the one from MAC, because it’s very easy to blend.

–  Make a thick line at the upper and lower lash roots. (It doesn’t matter if it’s straight, because we’re going to blend this with a brush later on.)

–  Go back over the pencil to darken it and blend. The line doesn’t need to be too thick, especially on the lower lid.

–  Once you’ve blended, define the crease by blending in this area. It’s best if you blend just right in the crease, not too far above it, or you will make your eyes will look smaller.

–  Now apply a matte black shadow to the lid with a medium-sized brush to make the black even darker.

–  Once you’ve finished, apply an illuminating concealer just under the brow in place of shadow. ( Touche Éclat by YSL is perfect for this.) If you’ve smudged the undereye area, you can clean this area and then apply the concealer there too. Blend with a clean, thick brush. You’ll see how the area will be illuminated with a freshness that only a cream texture can provide.


–  Next, apply two coats of mascara.(My fav is Christian Dior’s Diorshow in blackest black)

–  Now it’s time to make up the inside rim of your eyes with the black pencil. Try to make up the inner rim of the upper lid as well. Yes, I know it’s hard… Another option is to line the lower part thoroughly and then bat your eyelashes so it rubs off on the upper lid.

–  I prefer to apply pencil after my mascara.

–  To finish up and add that unique touch like I did last Friday, use a medium brush to apply a bright-colored shadow over the black. I chose a navy blue from Bobbi Brown that gave me just a touch of color without changing the smoky effect. Apply the shadow right at the lash roots and lightly over the lid. You can use fuchsia, turquoise, or even gold or silver. You’ll see – it will transform your smoky eye in just a minute.

–  Since this eye makeup look is fairly eye-catching, apply only a matte bronzing powder to your cheeks to add a little contour without adding much color, and use a clear gloss on your lips.


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