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Ok ladies lets face it, no matter what her current style, no matter what her hair looks like, and no matter what she seems to just pick up off the bedroom floor, Kate Beckinsale  has her look always goin’ on.  This one is no expection.  It’s so chic but effortless, just like Kate.  And here I’ve helped you recreate it for a much smaller price tag than what she surely spent.  And that can put a smile on any of our faces 🙂



Old Navy top $4; visit


Jeans, American Eagle.  50.00



Charlotte Russe shoes, $23.



Big Buddha bag, $78.


Forever 21 ring , $6.

So there ya go!  A hot, simple look that you can actually afford and keep the lights on!!  And how bout that ring for 6 dollars??  wow

This is such a HOT LOOK! Here are the instructions below:

How To: Step 1) Apply

How To:

Step 1) Apply primer in a medium shade over eyelids and brow bone to clarify skin texture and tone with soft, fluffy brush: Prep+Prime Eye /
252 Large Shader Brush

Step 2) Begin by blending a mid-toned matte taupe/sepia eye shadow through the crease of the eye. Starting on the outer corner of the eyes and on the lower lash line, build the eye shadow gradually, defining the contour of the eyes with a light touch. This will enhance the natural shape of the eye with a subtle effect: Eye Shadow – Texture / 217 Blending Brush

Step 3) Next, begin highlighting eyelids with a brighter tone of eye shadow. This could be opalescent or matte in texture. Use a brush that has a smaller, dense head. This will provide the necessary control when working with textures that shimmer especially: Eye Shadow – All That Glitters / 272 Small Angled Shader

Step 4) Apply the highlighting eye shadow with a stronger intensity on the inner corner of eyelids, this will open up eyes without having to use much product: Eye Shadow – All That Glitters / 272 Small Angled Shader

Step 5) Highlights may be add under brows, but should be kept matte, with little shine for the most natural appearance: Prep+Prime Eye / 239 Eye Shading Brush

Step 6) Curl lashes to open up the eyes: Lash Curler

Step 7) Apply one or two coats of mascara. The sculpted eye is beautiful in it’s simplicity, but paying close attention to details…such as lashes and brows, is imperative for a finished, polished effect: Plush Lash Mascara – Plushblack

Step 8) Open up eyes further and make the eyes look more rounded by highlighting the lower lash line with a liner pencil: Eye Kohl – Powersurge

Step 9) Groom brows with a brow pencil to fill in gaps: Eye Brows – Lingering

Step 10) Apply brow gel to keep brow hairs in place and to create a polished look: Brow Set – Clear

Step 11) Warm up the crease to add intensity by using a warmer eye shadow: Eye Shadow – Embark / 224 Tapered Blending Brush


When applying makeup, not only is it important to do a look that’s flattering, you should also follow the styles and trends of the season.

In this post, I’m going to let you in on all of the secrets to following the latest makeup trends.

Satin-textured skin is big right now. It will continue to be a major influence in the fall/winter season, sometimes including even bolder touches of shine to highlight parts of the face.

Another trend we’ve been seeing this season is contrasting warm and cool tones. The eye has also been fairly defined with intensely pigmented shadows.

Tricks for achieving impeccable makeup:

When applying shimmery products, whether powders or creams, it’s important to carefully control where the product falls so it doesn’t end up in areas such as under the eyes or areas with imperfections, which will be more obvious when shiny.

Remember that not all skin types are suited to a satin texture. If imperfections are present, choose a foundation with more coverage and a matte finish, which will be much more flattering.

Make the eyes pop by playing with the contrast and balance of warm and cool colors that help each other stand out. But be very careful when blending these colors. Remember that not all colors look good when blended together, which is why you should use a color in between the two of them that can be blended with both. Another trick you can use is to apply them right next to each other without blending.

A trendy makeup look, step-by-step:

Apply moisturizer over clean skin for a smooth, uniform base.

Apply concealer to undereye area and to any other imperfections that may be seen. Blend well to integrate with the skin.

Use a liquid foundation in the same shade as the skin tone. To achieve a natural effect, apply with a synthetic bristle brush. If needed, use a makeup sponge to help blend the foundation.

Once you’ve applied the foundation, mattify the entire face with the mineral powder using a large brush. That way the skin will be matte, but still maintain its natural shine.

On the eyes, start by applying the base shadow, which in this case can also be used as a highlighter. Apply to the arch of the eyebrow to illuminate the lid and on other high points on the face.

Apply the medium shadow on the lid, or if you choose, you can do a combination of two shadows.

Now intensify the look with pencil in the same color as the shadow, but a deeper shade. If you prefer, you can also use black pencil, shadow, or eyeliner to line the eyes. Remember to focus on the roots of the eyelashes, both inside and outside the eye.

So just for yall I have procured the first look at the upcoming Makeup Art Cosmetics collection.  Here are multiple swatches for your viewing pleasure.  Please leave comments as to what you HAVE to get.  I am really loving quite a few things in this line.  I always like to get the quads as long as they dont have more than one thing I already have.  Not only do they have amazing shadows that are mostly LE, they are quite a bargain!  Oh and the Photorealism quad is caaaaallling my name



In the Gallery Quad:

Photorealism Quad:

Notoriety Quad:

Single Shadows:


Powder Blushes:

[[thanks to erine at specktra]]

Here is some amazingly beautiful swatches and photos of the Euristocrat line by MAC.  I am obviously a sucker for MAC’s dazzleglass line, and am so happy to see this debut here in the USA where it was initially only released in Europe.  Take a look:

L-R: Via Veneto, Date Night, Rue d’Rouge, Euro Beat

L-R:Cockney, London Life, Milan Mode, Ste. Germain

L-R: London Life, Milan Mode, Ste. Germain, Cockney

L-R: Vie Veneto over: Violetta, Up the Amp, Lavender Whip, Fashion Mews

Vie Veneto over Purple Rite

Now, as promised, the hottest London Life LS combo ever. If you have the DCd Lustreglass in Palatial, try it over London Life. The iridescent pearl in the Palatial absolutely explodes! Gorgeous!

-R: Palatial LuG, London Life LS, Palatial over London Life

Unfortunately, these photos do not show the true beauty of these babies.  They really SPARKLE

What do yall think about this collection?  Is it worth buying one of each??


So while doing some perusing on the web I have run across some amazing pics for the MAC Colour Craft MSF’s.  Just thought I would share with y’all because the more and more pics of these I see the more and more I can hear my wallet start crying 🙂  Tell me what y’all think?  Am I the only one who is in love with the Mineralized Skin Finishes?

Warm Blend

Triple Fusion

Smooth Merge

Porcelain Pink

Cheeky Bronze

Sunny by Nature

This collection is due out on 09 July 09. Here’s the colour details:

Sunny by Nature– Rich bronze with pink pearl pig
Cheeky Bronze – Soft golden coral wth bronze pearl
Porcelain Pink – Soft pinky coral wth gold veining (Repromote: Gold Play and A Muse)
Triple Fusion – Left: Soft champagne gold / Center: Soft golden peach / Right: Rose pink with gold nuances
Smooth Merge – Left: Soft champange pink / Center: Deep rose / Right: Pale cool pink
Warm Blend – Left: Antique gold / Center: Mahogany Bronze / Right: Copper

Here’s a link to the source blog: Too Much Blush 😉

MAC Rumours | Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper

Cover by David LaChapelle and makeup by M.A.C. artist Sharon Gault

Just today I spotted some info in the most recent Rolling Stone. Rolling Stone said…

While describing Lady GaGa’s hectic schedule, author Brian Hiatt says, “… [In New York] she’ll shoot a M.A.C. Cosmetics campaign with [Cyndi] Lauper…”

Later in the article, he describes a photoshoot where “…Marilyn Monroe is singing “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” on a photo-studio sound system, and Lady Gaga and a youthful-looking Cyndi Lauper are staddling giant pink lipstick tubes as flashbulbs pop. “It’s like a penis!” Gaga says, playing the ingenue. They’re wearing near-matching Jetsons-style red dresses , and Lauper keeps giving her younger counterpart little tips in her thick New York accent: “Put your leg out like that, it’s more flattering. Arch your back! Stick out your butt and puff your chest.”

“She’s a doll,” Lauper says of Gaga afterward.”

So what does everyone think?  Do y’all think that Lady GaGa could really be the next MAC Icon?  Would be an interesting pick, in my opinion, since she has been for a relatively short time.  Usually they pick someone who has been in the business for quite awhile, hence “Icon”.  But there is no denying that she does have creative makeup choices.  Just look:



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