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When we have darker skin, not all makeup flatters us. We have to be careful not to overload our faces with makeup because that looks unnatural. We’ll show you the steps to follow to look radiant, and to make yourself up with one of the most fashionable techniques this season:


–  Don’t overuse corrector and foundation. Remember that your kind of skin only needs foundation and corrector in certain areas.

–  If you use a tanning powder, blend it well and don’t overuse it or the result will look unnatural.

Smokey eyes step by step

Once you are totally made up, it’s time to make up the eyes. To do that you will need these products:

–  A medium or dark golden shadow

–  A cream pearly shadow (very light)

–  A black eye pencil

–  Black mascara

–  An eye shadow brush

Follow these steps:

1. Apply the golden shadow on the entire mobile eyelid just as you see in the drawing:

2. Increase the intensity of the color as much as you wish, applying the golden shadow on the mobile eyelid. It’s very important that you make up just up to the bone area and not beyond:

3. The next step is to make up the eye on the inside of the lids with a black pencil to give more intensity to the look.

4. Finally, apply the gold tone under the lower lid and blend. Then give a touch of color on the fixed eyelid with the pearly shadow.


–  Give a light touch of rose blush to your cheeks. When you have darker skin, it’s very flattering.


–  You can make up the lips in a gold tone to create harmony with the eyes, or if you prefer just use a transparent gloss.

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The Queen of Glam
This season, designers are favoring a very structured silhouette, and shoulder pads have made a comeback.  I’ll be honest with you – I’ve always thought they were hideous.  Luckily, some trends never leave the runway (at least, that what I’m hoping for).  No matter what, I don’t plan to wear them.

Without a doubt, the glam look has returned.  I noted a lot of inspiration from the 80s among this season’s offerings.

Lady Glam

The key here is making the eyes stand out using a bold color.  Choose whichever color you like most (lilacs and other purple shades are ideal) and blend it well with a brush.  Finish things off by lining the eyes.  To get lashes that just won’t quit, use an eyelash curler and be liberal with the mascara.

Use a touch of bronzer on the cheeks.

For the lips, a swipe of pink gloss will give the mouth a shiny, luscious look.

Top things off with a pearly pink polish on the nails.


Here is what is going on today with Blake Lively whom seems to be everywhere these days

Blake Lively

Rounding out a week of festivities to mark their arrival in the US, Topshop/Topman threw one last bash at N.Y.C. hot spot The Box, where Gossip Girl Blake Livelymingled with Kate MossJennifer Lopezand Marc Anthony.


What is this post about?

The 5 things you should know to have an impeccable image all day long!

1. Planning
As you already know, planning is the key to avoiding wasting time and energy. Normally I think everything through the night before (clothing, makeup, etc.), but when I have to get up early, I not only think about it, I also get everything out and ready ? from my coffee cup to my shoes and accessories. That way I not only don?t feel rushed, but I also don?t have to make decisions about what to wear or not to wear at 6:30 in the morning!

2. Makeup
The next point is makeup. If you want your makeup to last all day, you should put a little more effort into your skin, setting your makeup, and selecting colors. Here are some tricks:

Use a prebase: you know, that cream that you use before applying foundation that not only disguises expression lines, but also brightens the face and closes pores and makes your makeup last much longer. My favorite is Beauty Flash Balm by Clarins, especially when I?m traveling.
Apply your foundation with a brush. It will go on quicker and the foundation will set better on your face. Finish by softly blending with fingertips.
Apply loose powder ? unless you have very dry skin ? with a brush or a puff. The brush will give you a lighter finish (I prefer this option), and the puff will give you a finish with more coverage.
Apply concealer before foundation. Then apply foundation carefully, followed by loose powder on the undereye area with a soft brush. This will help your concealer to stay in place all day.
If you make up your eyes, always apply liner (at the lash roots) and follow it with shadow. The pencil will keep the shadow from moving.
On cheeks, opt for a cream blush: it will last longer and will give a fresh appearance to your entire face. My favorites are the ones by Bobbi Brown.
For your mascara, I could tell you to use water-resistant mascara, because it stays put, but I prefer to leave that for the weekends. During the week I use Inimitable de Chanel, or if I?m not going to put much makeup on my eyelids, I use Eyeliner Effect by Bourjois.
And to finish, I apply a powder that mattifies and illuminates at the same time. Don?t forget to bring this with you in your purse; I don?t leave home without Mineralize Skinfinish Natural by MAC. 
Oh yes!, and here?s a trick I learned the other day at a shoot with Jos? Luis, one of the ElitePro teachers who works at MAC: before applying the mineral powder, apply a touch of Fix Plus, a moisturizing setting spray also from MAC. On top of setting the makeup, it also enhances the powder?s silky finish.
Always carry the following products in your purse: compact powder, concealer, eye pencil, lip gloss, and blush. If you travel during the day, also include deodorant, perfume, and a comb.

3. Hair
Whenever I have to get up very early, I always wash and straighten my hair the night before. Normally it takes me thirty minutes, and the next morning it only takes five minutes with a straightener to get my hair back into position. Of course, if you have unruly hair and normally straighten or curl it, using a straightener is the best way to set your hairstyle to last all day. But don?t forget to protect your hair beforehand: one protector that I like and use now is the one from TRESemm’.
4. Image
Since I’m traveling today, I chose clothing that doesn’t wrinkle.  Heels are also chosen depending on the number of hours I have to spend standing or walking. If I?m going from home to the office and I’m going to be sitting all day, I don’t have any problems wearing high heels. But if I have to spend a lot of time on foot, I prefer a more comfortable heel. 2-inch heels are definitely the best size: they?re high, but comfortable.
In regards to clothing, try to choose materials that won?t wrinkle or, if possible, have a small percentage of lycra: you will be a lot more comfortable. Avoid wearing white shirts when you travel, because they get dirty easily. Choose darker colors, and if you don?t like wearing black, navy blue is a good alternative.
5. Will you be away from home all day?

When I’m away from home all day and I?m not going to be eating out, I normally bring a couple of sandwiches with me. I always prefer to have some food handy; that way I don?t have to eat whatever is available where I am.  I usually make a tuna or chicken sandwich and I always use whole wheat or multi-grain bread. Along with the sandwiches, I just have to take a couple of pieces of fruit and some unroasted almonds.

Don?t forget to drink lots of water during the day. I know you know ? eight glasses a day. (I always try to have a bottle in hand.) The water will help your skin to be smooth. Don?t forget that the air is very dry in offices with air conditioning, heating, and carpeting

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