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Spring Is In The Air!!

Posted on: March 24, 2009

March is a good month to organize your life and your style too, being that it is winter and outdoor activities are restricted quite a bit. This month, I propose that we all reinvent ourselves. In regards to your image, it’s exactly the same. Personally, having everything in order helps me make decisions faster and not waste time. I know exactly where all of my clothing and cosmetics are, (most of the time – ok half the time) but when I do I never waste much time looking for things, and what’s more: this helps me to always put my best face forward with little effort.

Organize your closet

If I were you, I would begin with the closet. In fact, this week I have a date with myself to get things in order. After so many parties and shopping the sales, it’s time to do a little cleaning. These are my tips for bringing a little order to your wardrobe:

Remove all the clothes from your closet
But only if your closet is really disorganized. If it’s more or less in order, you can jump to the next step with the clothes already hanging in the closet.

Hang clothes by type
Put all of the blouses together (I organize them by color :-)); all of the pants together (I organize them according to the type of pant, i.e., the wide-leg pairs together, skinny pants together, etc.); hang all the skirts together. Leave your wool sweaters, t-shirts and jeans folded. It’s best to hang up the rest of your clothing.

Once you’ve organized everything, start purging
Once everything is organized, begin reviewing garment by garment and make three piles: one for clothes that you’re going to throw away because they aren’t even suitable to donate, for example those that are ripped. Make another pile of clothes that you don’t like, no longer work for you, or don’t jive with your current style but that you can give to a friend or donate. Lastly, make a pile of clothes that you have to mend, iron or take to the drycleaner. Without overthinking it, make these three piles and starting making room in your closet.

How to know when to get rid of a piece of clothing
Normally, if I haven’t worn something for two seasons – for example, the past two summers – I store it in a suitcase up in the attic. Once a year I take a peek at what’s inside, and I either rescue or toss what I think I’m not going to use again. If you don’t have room to store your clothes, it’s better to donate them than to leave them hanging in your closet taking up space.

Create new outfits
Once everything’s organized, move on to your shoes, your lingerie drawer, etc. When you finish, begin putting together new outfits with pieces that might look good together. Take pictures and make notes so that you have some flattering outfits for those days where you’re in a particular hurry.


2 Responses to "Spring Is In The Air!!"

Great tips! I’m definitely going to do this- too many items in my closet that I’m just holding on to because I think I might wear it one day. Time to pass it along and make room for some new stuff:)

I keep postponing this job as I am sort of afraind of letting clothes go, but donating them is a REALLY good idea.

What was the outcome of the Grand Duos makeup contest? Was I the lucky winner? 🙂

Keep me posted! 🙂 and keep posting amazing things about MAC!

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