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MAC Style Warriors Collection Part Duex

Posted on: February 8, 2009












I want to post some more information on the MAC Style Warriors Collection. There is not much more info that I have but I do have the products included in the collection and some prices. Below there are also swatches and sneak peak photos of the collection!

Preliminary colour story details. Further details shortly: 

This collection revolves around animal prints (!) and that theme will be reflected in the bags and packaging!

From what I hear this will be tiger, leopard and zebra.  So psyched about this one!

Eye Shadow: $14.50USD/$17.00CDN


Beauty Powder Blush: (LE) – $18.00USD/$22.00CDN

Bronzer: – $21.00USD/$25.00CDN

  • Refined Golden – Finely spun medium golden tan with soft pearl (Permanent)
  • Solar Riche – Mid-tone brown with slight oranged undertones (LE) (Repromote from Solar Field Collection)


Vibrant Grape Eye Shadow:

vibrant_grapeI don’t know the finish of Vibrant Grape but it is not a Veluxe Pearl. 
It is a pro e/s and gorgeous.  Here it is Next to Mufe #92:


Vibrant Grape vs. Parfait Amour

img_1077Vibrant Grape, looks like a true magenta color

img_1080Tempting vs. Bronze vs. Satin Taupe

img_1069Bronze vs. Tempting vs. Satin Taupe

img_1071***Bronze and tempting look different in their pans but on my skin they look very similar.***

Refined Golden bronzer:

blush-refinedgolden**thanks to lara hill for this photo***

Margin, Eversun, Sunbasque:


So far everything is looking pretty nice!  There is also going to be animal print clutches, leaopard, zebra and tiger.  I can’t wait and I really am glad that they decided to throw in zebra and tiger which are usually neglected for cheetah print.

Wow, ok as soon as I get some new information you know I will post it for yall.  Any questions ask and I will try to find out for you and any comments please post. 🙂  Happy Saturday!!


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