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lookforless-bilson-stripeRachel Bilson works it in a beautiful red and white striped dress and black pumps.  Well now you can get the total look for less than 110.00!  Wow that is easy on the purse and on the mind.  You could always dress up the look even more with bangles and a fancy purse, or dress it down with leggings and no jewelry.

To follow my last post on bargain at home beauty finds, now I am gonna give you some cute ideas for date dresses that wont break the bank. You know you wanna make a good impression and often that will prompt you to splurge…you dont have to! Really, just take a look at some of the amazing deals that I have compiled below:
Delias, $45

Throw on a dress that’s cute and easy and you’ll be out the door in five minutes. This flirty style will add curves to boyish shapes.

BUY ONLINE NOW Delia’s Mariella dress; at


Anthropologie, $80


If you prefer more traditional cuts and colors, then this red beauty is a winner—wear hair in a romantic updo to highlight the neckline’s ruffle detail. 

BUY ONLINE NOW Moulinette Souers Grand Canal red dress; at 


French Connection, $50


T.G.I.F! Unique touches like the Venetian blue color and sweet ruffle hem are subtle enough to make this dress different without being too much of a statement. 

BUY ONLINE NOW French Connection Friday dress; at


Arden B, $30


Flutter sleeves are not only romantic—they also add width to the shoulders to balance wide hips and create an hourglass silhouette. 

BUY ONLINE NOW Arden B. flutter sleeve dress; at


Forever 21, $23

Go super-girly in a rose-print strapless dress with curve-enhancing belt. Finish the look with black patent pumps. 

BUY ONLINE NOW Forever 21 floral dress; at

I know that when money gets tight usually the first thing to cut back on are things that we consider luxuries. And for many of us, those luxuries are beauty treatments. So here, I have compiled the best of the best of at home beauty treatments. Read on to save some serious cash.


Borba Oxygen Facial, $30


An oxygen facial at a spa usually costs about $150. Get similar face-plumping results with Borba’s quench mask, designed to hydrate and rejuvenate dull skin with a bevy of botanicals (including aloe, lychee and ginseng). 

BUY ONLINE NOW Borba Oxygen Facial, $30; at


Pearl Eyes TriBall Roll On, $58


Forgo the eye lift for a pick-me-up! Developed by a jet-setting, jet-lagged model, this gel uses plant extracts to soothe the eye area and can be worn either under or on top of makeup. 

BUY ONLINE NOW Pearl Eyes TriBall Roll On, $58; at


Avon Root Touch-Up, $5

Cover roots and grays effectively with shades suited to black, brunette and light brown hair colors.

BUY ONLINE NOW Avon Root Touch Up, $5; at 

Crystalift, $199

Save yourself thousands of dollars and a trip to the dermatologist—this easy-to-use device uses crystal resurfacing and vacuum-lift therapy to combat signs of aging by resurfacing and plumping the skin. 

BUY ONLINE NOW Crystalift Resurfacing Package, $199; at


Hot Tools Salon Hair Dryer, $68

Skip the spendy salon blowouts! Instead, blow-dry your hair 75 percent of the way and then put in medium-size Velcro rollers. Then sit under this hair dryer while you read, eat or do your nails. When hair is dry, gently unroll the rollers, set with hairspray, and voila—hair with bounce and volume! 


Today’s Look For Less is gonna be a change from the casual jeans looks from the last few days.  This is Heidi Klum looking wowowow!  I love this color too, bc it looks good on all skin types even blondes, which can tend to get washed out if they have lighter skin.  For where to get the look for less look below:




If you want some amazing beauty products for your body try Safiya. Although is still in the works (it’s coming soon though!) Safiya thankfully decided to list her products on some other sites. You can now buy Safiya products at Etsy, 1000markets and Artfire! Please go check out her stuff and let me know what you think!

Now of course I am a high end makeup junkie…but don’t think I dont love a good deal! Especially in these times of economic turmoil. Here we asked celebrity makeup artists Molly Stern and Fiona Stiles to share their favorite lipstick look-a-likes — and they delivered exact shade and texture matches (no one will be able to tell the difference). Now you can get the look of a Chanel lipstick and still afford a night out.



Luxe: Chanel Rouge Hydrabase in Fire, $28.50 

Less: Styli-Style Hipstick in Happy, $8.49 

“A fun, slightly iridescent red that can pass for the Chanel version. It even has the little bit of gold fleck in it. The one by Styli-Style is less emollient, but you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck,” says Stiles.




Luxe: Givenchy Rouge Interdit in Only Beige, $26.50 

Less: Napoleon Perdis NP Set Lipstick in Washington, $15 

“I am always on the quest for the perfect beige lipstick,” says Stiles. “This one by Napoleon Perdis is a great color and a perfect texture. The glossiness and warmth of the color prevents you from looking too washed out, which matte beiges can do.”



Luxe: Benefit Benetint Lip Balm, $20 

Less: Flirt! Tint-a-Licious Lip Sheer in Lover, $10 

“Benetint is such a great color and I love that it’s sheer and just a little glossy,” says Stiles. “This sheer bright pink from Flirt! is a really close match to the Benefit. Sheer brights are so modern and a great way to wear color.”




Luxe: Giorgio Armani Sheer Lipstick in Plum, $25 

Less: CoverGirl TruShine Lip Color in Plum Shine, $5.66 

“I love Armani lip colors. All consistencies. I find their sheer and cream [formulas] are very similar to the formula of CoverGirl’s TruShine Lip color,” says Stern.



Deep Red:

Luxe: Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, $14 

Less: Neutrogena MoistureShine Soothing Lip Sheers in Ruby Bliss, $8.99 

“Black Honey by Clinique has been on the best seller list years,” says Stiles. “Ruby Bliss by Neutrogena is a great, affordable version. The sheer color makes you look polished, but doesn’t feel too lipstick-y.”




Luxe: Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Pur in Pure Coral, $29 

Less: CoverGirl Amazemint Lip Gloss in Freedom of Peach, $5.79 

“I am a huge fan of YSL’s Gloss Pur, however [also like] the similar finish of CoverGirl’s Amazemint Lip Gloss,” Stern says.



Pale Pink:

Luxe: Cle de Peau Lip Gloss in No. 11, $47 

Less: L’Oreal Paris Bare Naturale Gentle Lip Conditioner in Soft Bloom, $8.96 

“This is such a sophisticated color for a drugstore lip gloss. It has a little iridescence but isn’t super sparkly,” Stiles says. “It’s a beautiful sheer color that doesn’t taste like candy! A huge bonus.”




Luxe: Lipstick Queen Sinner Pink, $18 

Less: CoverGirl Incredifull Lipcolor in Warm & Rosy, $6.99 

Stiles found these two to be near-perfect matches. T









Luxe: Nars Lipstick in Kiss, $24 

Less: Boots No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in Velvet Kiss, $9.99 

Both lipsticks have a burnt copper shade and the Boots No7 has the advantage of being long-lasting. member 51lincoln says, “I am typically not a fan of long wear but when I need something that lasts 4+ hours I wear this.”


Sparkly Pink:

Luxe: Lancome Juicy Tubes Sparkling Night in Sky Diamond, $18 

Less: Mark Juice Gems in Juicy Cherry Pop, $6 

The packaging of these two glosses is practically identical, so it makes sense that the texture and color are similar too. The difference? The Mark gloss looks red in the tube but goes on like a deeper, sheer pink. The Lancome gloss goes on sheer as well, but the shade is true to the way it looks in the tube.

Yesterday I did a very casual look for less that can be easily done for much cheaper. Today I am following that trend with Nicole Ritchie. She has come a long way when it comes to style. Does anyone else remember her back in the Simple Life days? Wow, that was some bad fashion. Now she is more reserved, classy and casual. Check out this look below:

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